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Why have an iJetAdvantage?

Our long-time customers can attest that in the long run, the investment of the extended warranty will pay for itself.

iJetAdvantage Benefits


  • Free Shipping (once per month) on Orders of $500/more and Discounted Pricing on Ink and Consumables and Wearable Parts


  • Access to an iJet Color Rapid Replacement

$ 3,900

  • Discounted Costs on Factory Overhaul

$ 2,000

  • 24/7 Remote Support

$ 300+

  • Access to our Printware’s Online Training and Web Resources

$ 450+

  • 100% Coverage on Non-Wearable Parts *main PCA/Powersupply

$ 3,850*

Ongoing savings in consumables, freight and training tools pays for the iJetAdvantage and one emergency repair saves you thousands on repairs.

We hope that you agree that the investment in this program will benefit your business. Please contact Sales@ijetcolor.com with any questions.

Happy Inkjet Printing!

V. Updated 9-2019