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Interface Communication Problems


M Series Driver does not respond to printer being connected via USB.

Driver shows printer off-line, even with printer connected and powered-up.

Wrong USB port selected in “M Series Driver”.

More than one copy of the “M Series Driver” is present and the wrong one was selected.

System is hung-up.

USB Port, or Cable Connection problem

Verify that you are selecting the appropriate USB port in the driver Ports Tab. Note: During driver install the USB port was automatically assigned. However if someone changes the port setting in the driver you will need to manually reassign the port.

If a second M Series Driver was loaded; be sure to select the appropriate one as your default.

Clear spooler, and then reboot printer/computer.

Test using known good USB cable; replace cable if necessary. If still no communication; check printer using another known good system (computer, software, cable).

Job is sent, but printer does not feed or print.

Printer not connected to computer.

Printer Error

Media Sensor is covered in Print Engine.

Improper Driver Config.

System is hung-up.

Incorrect settings for wiper & pump motors.

Connect printer cable to computer and resend job.

Open Toolbox utility to view errors.

Open clamshell and remove media.

Uninstall, Re-install Driver.

Reboot printer/computer.

Call Service Support

Erratic output (printing garbage, feeding blanks, etc.)

Problem with software

Improper driver selected.

System was disrupted by static energy.

Test from another software program. Contact software vendor.

Use M Series Driver

Reboot printer/computer.