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Dots or Lines Printed on Media


A thick horizontal black line is printed at or near the trailing edge of the media.

Purge Bar is hitting trailing edge of media.

Media is hesitating or skewing during transport.

Hole in media is passing over the Paperpath Entry sensor.

Media is oddly shaped (running media with open flap at trailing edge).

To help keep nozzles from drying (clogging); all nozzles of the printhead are purged, between each page.

Check/adjust media feed setup.

Check for proper install of Antistatic Brush Assembly.

Check for obstruction within the Print Engine.

Rotate media and image so hole in media does not travel over the Paperpath Sensors.

Adjust the “Purge Bar Position” value; located in the User Interface Menu of the Toolbox. Default = 3000. If you don’t see this feature in the User Interface Menu; please contact service support and ask them to update the firmware.

Use compatible media.

Very small dots (gray overspray) are being printed down length of media.

These dots are formed by interpage nozzle spitting. Controlled by the KWS (Keep Wet System) setting.

Interpage (on the page) nozzle spitting is normal. This feature is used to help keep nozzles from drying/clogging.

With firmware version 110928_u and higher the Toolbox provides a “KWS Setting” that can be used to adjust the Level of spitting.

Main Power Switch is ON, but the ON/OFF button does not illuminate.

No power being delivered to printer or print engine not powered-on.

ON/OFF button pressed more than once.

Problem within printer.

Check that the power cord is plugged in.

Check that the wall power outlet is live.

Check that Main Power Switch is turned ON.

Press the ON/OFF button and wait 45 seconds.

After pressing the ON/OFF button it takes about 45 seconds for the print engine to power-up and the lights to illuminate.

Disconnect Power Cord and check Fuse in Receptacle.

Contact Service Support.